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I used to love her... LJ - This Man's Journal
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December 2010
Tue, Dec. 21st, 2010 02:01 am
I used to love her... LJ

For all the glory and sparkle of Facebook or the horrors and ad-spamming of Myspace, I really do miss LiveJournal sometimes. I read entries from the past and I can remember where I was at that moment, or even better but kinda sad, I read the entries and DON'T remember where I was at that moment, and I try to anticipate where I'm going with it.

Facebook is really a little too short for the kind of things I used to want to write about, not as bad as Twitter but not as good as LiveJournal, since I could pretty much write as much as I want! I used to, but things have gotten so busy in the last several years since I joined the Air Force in 2003 and was still pretty dedicated to writing and posting to LJ.

after basic training, and having the access to computers again, I just didn't have the time since I had to study for tech school training. Then once I graduated from tech school and got to my first base I was station in England and was busy then too. Then things kinda became a blur as things started going faster and faster it seems, I joined in '03, was in England from '04-'06. I started dating Sarah about 6 months into being stationed in England, and I guess I was still posting off and on up thru that point, but they became shorter thoughts, YouTube links, pictures, surveys, etc. I really didn't have the time or motivation to write much I guess.

for the purposes of how I was posting on LJ, the transition to Myspace made some sense, since I had more people I knew on myspace than on LJ, which then moved over to Facebook pretty soon after that (besides all the artists and bands were bothersome on Myspace). I guess the expectations changed in terms of what people write nowadays. it has to be funny, short and sweet. or completely random, or an in-joke that you and your friends can laugh at, while everyone else is like "What was that all about?".

I still like longer rants of what's going on in my head, not for entertainment sakes, but more like a record or a receipt, reminding me of my mind at the time when I was writing, but also I gotta admit, there were some great years here on LJ when I had a great group of people I really liked, and felt that however we had come upon each other, they were friends just as real as any that I had in real life. every now and then I look at my old entries and see what other people were commenting back at me and I wonder "who IS that?" LOL, I can sorta remember that we were LJ-friends, but I've totally forgotten how or the context of our relationship. *sigh* but I do remember the feeling I had back then for my lil LJ-community, how much I appreciated those people who took their time to write about their lives, who would take time out to read about mine and comment back! You didn't really have that in Myspace, and Facebook is ridiculous because everyone has a bazillion friends, so even if a friend writes something it would be lost in the mass of other updates, and who wants to sift thru that mess?!

I don't know, soemtimes I think maybe I could do it again, get into writing again like I used to, without all the hooplah, just like when I first began. No followers watching, no friends commenting, not that there's anything wrong with that, but it would just be a nice bonus, and not the reason. But... it might just be a dream, a nice notion to ponder and dwell in for a microsecond that seems like it lasts forever, but when you wake up that time has passed, and whatever lingering memories remain of that glorious time only exists in fragments that barely hint of the awesomeness of what was. As much as you might try to relive that same dream again, you can't. And even if you do manage somehow to dream along same subject, it's not the same dream. but that's ok, you can have better dreams, dreams that are indescribable in words and only exist as emotions that somehow stain your heart with it's color, which then emanates throughout your body so that you KNOW it again when you feel it.

so yeah, LJ... miss ya

Current Mood: nostalgic nostalgic


Nick Caruzo
Tue, Dec. 28th, 2010 09:08 pm (UTC)

I am realizing that I miss her also.